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Cytopro Cytocentrifuge

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Wescor Cytopro® Cytocentrifuge Rotor Model AC 160

Cytopro Rotor

Optional accessory to the Aerospray Stainers, giving them full-featured cytocentrifuge capability.

The Cytopro Rotor allows you to turn your Aerospray® stainer into a full-featured cytocentrifuge system. The Cytopro is truly simple to load and unload chambers and it is autoclavable for complete sterilization.

Wescor's Cytopro® Rotor features eight-slide capacity and advanced design for exact alignment of the sample chamber. The chambers are reusable but sold at a disposable price. Autoclavable Cytopro® Rotor Self contained and can be loaded in a biological safety cabinet. The lid seals airtight to control biological hazards. The rotor is a standard component with the Cytopro® Cytogentrifuge and an optional accessory for any of the Aeorospray® Slide Stainer Cytocentrifuges. The unique and patented chambers are the key to it's greatly enhanced usability. Compact design, speed, and safety finally come to the laboratory staining process, with unequalled convenience and speed as a STAT body fluid processing system when combined with the optional Cytopro® Rotor.

Cytopro’s unique ergonomic design leaves no chance of smearing your cells. With the standard volume (single or dual) chambers, suspension fluid is simultaneously absorbed into the Cytopad ® absorption pad as cells contact the microscope slide.

Wescor's Cytopro® Rotor Model A-160

  Only Wescor's Cytopro rotor has these patented features:
  • Compressed flow control ring in the Cytopad® yields the highest cell recovery in the industry.
  • Automatic pad alignment. Parts snap together easily and correctly every time.
  • Convenient pre-wetting port for increased and more consistent cell yields.
  • Superior clamping mechanism for consistently reliable performance.
  • Sample protection cutout for trouble free chamber removal.
  • Smooth and positive push-lever chamber retraction.
The Cytopro rotor uses centrifugal force and three patented chamber designs to sediment cells onto slides with maximum safety and user convenience. The shallow profile makes sample ID easy and loading and unloading samples is convenient in a biological safety hood. Simply pipette sample fluid directly into the sample well. Slides and samples load securely into the rotor without fumbling. After the run, the chamber release lever cleanly separates the chamber from the slide. Both the slide and the sample chamber can then be easily removed.
Only Wescor's Cytopro sets the standard for convenience and ease of use:
  • Fast and easy loading and unloading.
  • Compact, lightweight rotor for ease of handling, storing and transporting.
  • Shallow rotor profile for easy access.
  • Slide label visible during sample loading.
  • Generous 7 mm sample display area (36% larger than the 6 mm Shandon Cytospin™ single).
  • Internal clamping-no loose parts.
  • Disposable/reusable chambers.
  • Choice of fast or slow absorption pads.
  • Choice of single or double chambers each giving the same excellent results.
  • Choice of large volume Cytopro Magnum chambers where the suspension fluid is automatically absorbed at the end of the run.
  • Using the Wescor Hub Adapter (AC-080), the Wescor Cytopro rotor can be used on the Thermo Shandon Cytospin® 2, 3 or 4.