Aerospray® Hematology Pro
S L I D E  S T A I N E R

Cytopro Cytocentrifuge

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Wescor Model 7152 Hematology Pro Slide Stainer Cytocentrifuge

Cat. No. Item
7152 Aerospray Hematology Pro Slide Stainer/Cytocentrifuge
Includes the following

  •  illustrated User's Manual & Programming Manual
and the following accessories and supplies:
  •  AC-188 (2 each)
  •  AC-041 (1 length),
  •  AC-077 (1 each)
  •  SS-171A (1 bottle)
  •  SS-172A (1 bottle)
  •  SS-100 (1 pad)
  •  SS-148 (1 bottle)
  •  AC-072 (1 each).
All Wescor instruments and AC-160 Cytopro® Cytocentrifuge Rotor are covered by a one-year parts and labor warranty.
Accessories & Supplies
AC-188 12 Slide Vented Carousel for Aerospray
AC-189 30 Slide Vented Carousel for Aerospray
AC-034 Nozzle Tool
AC-035 Nozzle Hex Wrench
AC-038 5.0 Liter Space-Saver Container with Cap
AC-039 Spigot for Space-Saver Container
AC-040 Cover Slip Holder (22 mm square cover slips)
AC-041 Drain Tube (1.8 meters (6 feet))
AC-043 500 mL Bottle with Cap
AC-051 Cover Slip Holder (22 mm x 50 mm cover slips)
AC-059 Nozzle Orifice Cleaning Wire
AC-160 Cytopro Cytocentrifuge Rotor

Rotor price includes an illustrated User's Manual, a Methods Manual, and the following supplies: SS-113 (1 box), SS-114 (1 box), SS-117 (1 box)
AC-069 Reagent Pump Priming Tool
AC-072 5.0 Liter Bottle Assembly for Buffer (Reagent A)
AC-077 Nozzle Maintenance Kit (Includes AC-034, AC-035, AC-059, AC-069, SS-029C, 14 mL centrifuge tube (4 each), and 50 mL centrifuge tube (4 each))
AC-110 Aerospray/Cytopro Safety Shield
Reagents Concentrates
SS-171A Reagent A Buffer (pH 6.8) Concentrate, 30 mL (dilute to 5 L)
SS-172A Reagent A Buffer (pH 7.2) Concentrate, 30 mL (dilute to 5 L)
SS-171B2 Reagent B Thiazin Stain Concentrate, 195 mL (dilute to 500 mL)
SS-171C2 Reagent C Eosin Stain Concentrate, 200 mL (dilute to 500 mL)
Aerospray Supplies
SS-029C Nozzle Cleaning Solution, 250 mL, dilutes to 500 mL, concentrate
SS-222 Aerospray Line Cleaner
SS-100 Preventive Maintenance Chart, pad of 24 sheets